Synopsis: Inspired by the beloved DreamWorks Animation films, Trolls: TrollsTopia is the next chapter in the hair-raising adventures of the trolls. Now that Poppy knows there are other musical trolls scattered throughout the forest, she bottles up her endless positivity and invites delegates from every troll tribe in the forest to live together in harmony in a grand experiment she calls TrollsTopia!

From DreamWorks Animation

Cast: Amanda Leighton, Skylar Astin, Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live), Jeanine Mason (Grey's Anatomy, Roswell), Kevin Michael Richardson (Trolls World Tour, American Dad), Vladimir Caamaño, David Flynn, Ron Funches, Megan Hilty, Kat Graham, Walt Dohrn, Charles DeWayne, JP Karliak, Declan Churchill Carter, Kyla Carter, Lauren Mayhew


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Kyla shares her motto, ‘Live life sunny side up’ weekly
By Laura Lan

Kyla Carter always loved singing and dancing but did not know she could become an actress. Then at age four she watched her first Shirley Temple movie. That’s when Kyla said she realized she could be an actress too.  

“She was singing all the time before she was five and asked for singing lessons for her birthday,” Alex, her father said. He and his wife were both educators with no experience in the entertainment field.


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Kyla Carter on Trolls: The Beat Goes On and Living Life Sunny Side Up

Actress and voiceover artist Kyla Carter is all about spreading sunshine and positivity wherever she goes!

Kyla has spent most of her life sharing her talents with the world. From performing on Broadway stages to voicing CJ Suki in Trolls: The Beat Goes On, Kyla is pretty much unstoppable – and she’s only getting started! She recently landed a lead role in an upcoming DreamWorks animated series and is the host of her own radio segment, Kyla’s Korner, where she shares positive messages and good vibes with her listeners.

Her motto? “Live Life Sunny Side Up!” This is the message she shares with her fans and social media followers, and she uses it as a mantra in her own life as well. Besides using her voice to spread good vibes, Kyla is also passionate about giving back and works with charities to support the causes she believes in.


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13-year-old NY Girl Shares “Sunny Side Up” Messages on Difference Making Radio Show
By The Mark White Show

Long Island, NY – There are some people when you see them or hear them for the first time, you know they have “it.” Kyla Carter is one of those people. After being interviewed on The Mark White Show in May, host Mark White was awe struck with Kyla’s remarkable talent. Seeing an opportunity to showcase Kyla’s talents, Mark asked Kyla to join him on TMWS. With the foundational message of “Living Life Sunny Side Up,” Kyla’s encouraging and inspiring messages are a hit with all ages. At just 13 years old (Kyla will be 14 in August), Kyla has a way of sharing a positive message that makes the listener feel what she is saying and easily relate. Kyla’s experiences give her a unique perspective at a very young age. Working hard everyday to reach her goals, Kyla is a dedicated and committed actress, singer, and musician. With her songs incorporated into TMWS, listeners have an opportunity to hear Kyla’s amazing voice in every episode. Already being heard through TMWS podcast and Radio Alabama’s KIX 96.3 FM, it was announced yesterday that TMWS would be added to WTKI Radio 105.3 FM/1450 AM, a station based in Huntsville, Alabama, in August. As part of that expansion, Kyla’s segment called, “Kyla’s Korner” will be added to the daily lineup with plans to add her segment to Friday’s programming.

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Once again this year, theater on Long Island was dominated by Theatre Three in Port Jefferson, and the John W. Engeman Theater in Northport, each organization having received multiple ‘Encore’ Awards for musicals. The Engeman took home four ‘Encores’ … two for an impressive ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ (Best Actor and top Costume Design), won for Best Child Actor, in ‘Gypsy,’ and a well-deserved Supporting Actor salute. There is nothing more adorable than a child actor … unless it’s a child actor who can sing and dance. Kyla Carter is a professional singer, actress, dancer, model and voice-over artist … and now she can lay claim to the title ‘Encore’ Award winner for excellence in Long Island theater. The 11-year-old’s bouncy rendition of ‘May We Entertain You’got The Engeman’s ‘Gypsy’ off to a toe-tapping start this fall, and the appreciative audience couldn’t wait for more.

It stars a smooth David Elder as Bob Wallace, the straight man of the duo; Jeremy Benton as zany Phil Davis; stunning Kerry Conte as a sultry, smoky voiced Betty and bubbly Kelly Sheehan as her sister, a knock-out tapper. Lorna Luft adds broad humor as concierge Martha, and TV vet Conrad John Shuck is an appropriately stoic general. Young Kyla Carter as Susan Waverly was a revelation to the audience, and Bob and Phil, with her pipes and footwork.

Kudos to Lorna Luft as Martha Watson and Kyla Carter as granddaughter Susan, the little girl with the big voice for their over-the-top performances.

Among other characters worth noting is housekeeper Martha Watson played by Lorna Luft (a.k.a Judy Garland's daughter) who doesn't fail to make the audience laugh with her antics as she tries to protect the General, making them a great pair, and she relives her musical days with a her solo “Let Me Sing and I’m Happy."

The General's granddaughter, Susan (played by Kyla Carter on opening night), steals the show with a reprise of “Let Me Sing and I’m Happy" as she uses a powerhouse voice to wow the audience.

Ms. Carter was impressive when she reprised "Let Me Sing and I’m Happy". It must have been a bit intimidating to be performing the number in front of Lorna Luft just minutes after Ms. Luft had sung it, but Ms. Carter was poised and powerful.