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"Encore Award" Winner 

Best Child Actress on Long Island

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BABY JUNE  - 2018

Equity Production of Gypsy by John W. Engleman Theater

Directed by, Egor Goldin

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"Gypsy" - Behind the Scenes
Smithtown Matters

"There is nothing more adorable than a child actor … unless it’s a child actor who can sing and dance. Kyla Carter is a professional singer, actress, dancer, model and voice-over artist … and now she can lay claim to the title ‘Encore’ Award winner for excellence in Long Island theater. The 11-year-old’s bouncy rendition of ‘May We Entertain You’got The Engeman’s ‘Gypsy’ off to a toe-tapping start this fall, and the appreciative audience couldn’t wait for more."

The Theatre Guide

"Kyla Carter as Baby June, did a wonderful and entertaining job."

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